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Dr. Parham can smooth away the wrinkles that age your face when we provide BOTOX® treatment. Our dentists use BOTOX to relax your facial muscles so you can have a younger, more beautiful appearance. Schedule an appointment at J. PARHAM DENTISTRY today if you would like to receive BOTOX in Springdale, Arkansas.

When you move your muscles, they move your skin tissue, folding it. Over time, repeated motions like smiling and squinting can leave permanent lines and wrinkles in your skin, aging your appearance. Some of the most common wrinkles in the face are the smile and frown lines around the mouth, the crow’s feet around the eyes, and the “elevens” between your eyebrows. However, our dental team can restore the youthful appearance of your skin when we provide BOTOX.

BOTOX is a safe and effective treatment that smooths the wrinkles in your face in order to make you appear younger. The BOTOX injections relax and still muscle movement, so your skin will not be constantly folding and creating lines. We sometimes even use the muscle relaxing solution caused by BOTOX to treat TMJ disorder and headaches. A BOTOX procedure usually only takes about 30 minutes, but the results can last for several months. Please call our dental office today if you would like to benefit from BOTOX.

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